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Sampark Films PVT. LTD.

About Us

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We are a special Wedding Studio that offers top-notch Wedding Photography & Cinematography services to clients all around the world. We’ve been capturing beautiful weddings for 13 years and cherishing every moment.
Our goal is to expertly capture the most cherished moments, keeping them genuine and true to life.
We take joy in getting to know our couples and their families, and we aim to be friends with them for years. We’re not just a service provider doing a job. We’re artists crafting memories for you and your loved ones.
We wish you delight in the stories we share and hope that your story will be the next one we tell.

What We Do

Wedding Photography
We are a group of imaginative wedding photographers who have a love for capturing genuine moments. This has earned us a reputation as some of the finest wedding photographers in Delhi, India. We excel in artistically capturing special, one-of-a-kind moments that couples want to cherish in their memories, adding joy and love to your wedding.
Pre Wedding Photography
We come highly praised by our clients for pre-wedding photography. It's an excellent way to build a connection between the engaged couple and also lets the photographer understand their preferences, favorite poses, comfort levels, creative angles, and best positions for photographs. We have special ideas to make your pre-wedding photo session enjoyable and affectionate.
Wedding cinematography is the skill of capturing a wedding in a cinematic way. Our team is skilled and creative in using lighting, different camera angles with various lenses, and top-notch equipment for smooth filming and precise editing. Thanks to our cinematic methods, we're rising to the top as some of the finest wedding cinematographers in Delhi, India.

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Why Choose Us

Our special way of preserving your special occasion begins with the aim to capture real moments in a manner that brings out the emotional ambiance at your wedding or engagement session.







Hire the best photographer in Delhi

Working with Your Photographer

Even if you hire the finest wedding photographer in Delhi, NCR, India, if you don’t talk about what you want and plan the shots, the pictures may not turn out as you hoped. It’s important to openly talk with your wedding photographer so you both understand each other. This also helps the photographer get ready for the big day and makes sure there won’t be any unexpected surprises.

Discuss the Pictures You Want

Before your wedding, talk to your photographer about the specific moments you want to capture. This could be the kiss, cutting the cake, walking down the aisle, or even getting ready before the wedding. Letting your photographer know about these moments will help ensure you get the pictures you want in your wedding album. Your Indian wedding photographer is experienced and knows the best times for photos, but sometimes you might want pictures in unique situations. Talking about this beforehand will make sure every important photo is taken.

Plan the Photo Locations

Photography is all about finding the right angles. If your photographer is surrounded by a lot of guests because there’s no clear spot for them, getting great pictures becomes really hard. Plan separate areas in advance where the photographer can take different pictures of your wedding. This will reduce distractions and interruptions. It also means unexpected things, like someone’s head suddenly blocking a shot, won’t happen.

Have a Family Member Help the Photographer

It’s important to have a family member assist the photographer. They can help coordinate with guests to make sure everyone is in the important photos. Often, the photographer doesn’t know the guests very well and might have trouble organizing everyone, especially in group photos. Having a family member there makes sure no one gets left out.

Preserving Moments for the Future

The pictures from your wedding will be cherished memories for a lifetime. They’re the only things that can bring back all the feelings and emotions from your special day, even years later. Being careful in choosing the right wedding photographer and planning for the pictures you want will make sure your photo album stays as a treasured centerpiece, instead of gathering dust in some forgotten attic.

The Sampark films Wedding Experience

Our Work

Frequently Asked Questions

A wedding photographer is there to capture each moment of your special day as it unfolds, while a wedding videographer captures the event on film so that you can watch your wedding video for years to come.
Choosing the right videographer for your wedding is equally as important as choosing the right wedding photographer – each videographer will have a different style and unlike a photographer, you will most likely only receive one wedding video and there won’t be different versions for you to choose from. To help you select the best wedding videographer in delhi, NCR, india, we’ve got the 10 most important questions to ask your videographer to ensure that he is the ideal fit for you.
Booking with us is simple! Visit our website, go to the “Contact Us” section, and fill in your details. Our team will get in touch with you promptly.
We recommend wearing outfits that make you feel comfortable and confident. Feel free to bring a change of clothes to add variety to your pictures.
Absolutely! We love working in spaces that are meaningful to you. Whether it’s a favorite park, historic site, or your own home, we’re happy to accommodate your preferences.
We understand your excitement to see the pictures! You can expect your beautifully edited photographs within two to three weeks after the shoot.
Yes, we offer high-quality prints of your favorite images. You can choose from a variety of sizes and finishes to suit your preferences.

We’re thrilled at the prospect of capturing your special moments. At Sampark films, we’re not just photographers; we’re storytellers, and we can’t wait to tell yours. Get in touch with us today, and let’s create memories that will last a lifetime!